Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gotta fight for it

This week has been a struggle. I weighed-in on Saturday, and instead of the loss I'd been expecting / hoping for, I found I'd maintained. Which *should* be a good thing, right? But, not for me this week ... not after I'd worked my butt off, and got 4 out of 5 "green dot" stickers (as opposed to the previous week's complete "yellow-dot" parade).

I've been bumming about this since Saturday. And, as such, I've been struggling to get in my water, my exercise, my fruits & my veggies. And, to make matters worse, hubby's back on Afternoon-shift, so my "routines" are all screwed up again. :-(

Mind you, I did step on the scale for a peek, yesterday morning, and saw that one pound had disappeared since Saturday, sooooo.... :-?

Hmmm. Speaking of weigh-ins, I am going to stop posting about whether or not I'm up, down, or maintaining (this will be my last post on that). It's a personal thing / reason, so please forgive me for having to let that part of my check-ins go. I'll continue to check in and update you on how I'm doing with following the tenets of my "plan", though. ;o)

As of this moment, I'm worn-out, hitting a dip in the road, but still fighting for my "vision"... I have to remember to "think positive", and keep "pressing on". I was reminded of a quote, this morning, that says something about not being able to accomplish something / not being able to reach a goal by just thinking about it. So true. So, no more "wishing for" myself to be thin...and back to WORKING AT being healthier (AND thinner)! ;o)

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Mama Bear June said...

I think your healthy habits will pay off. Our bodies are just WEIRD sometimes. I think posting about your accomplishments is a great idea and much more important than the number on a scale. You are awesome!
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