Monday, March 3, 2008

A new month, new goals

I amaze myself. Today, for one of my online groups, I tallied how many minutes of exercise I did in February. First, I have to tell you that I'd set my MARCH goal as 660 minutes, firguring that would be an increase. Well, then I tally up February, and find out that I did a total of 665 minutes! LOL. So, I think I'll have to re-think my March goals! LOL :-P

I also hope to change things up a bit. Up until now (since January 7th, anyway), my focus has been on exercising. I figured that, if I built up my muscle first, the weight would fall off easier, 'cause muscle burns more, right? But, I'm not losing much. I *did* lose another 1/2 inch in both my waist and my biceps this past month, so THAT'S good news! But, I am not losing weight. Sure, the scale isn't a good way to judge that. I am probably building muscle. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have built at least *some*, as I can see the definition in my thighs and calves a bit, again. :-) But, I want that darn number on the scale to go DOWN, please & thank you! :-?

SO, long-story-shorter, I'm planning on putting more focus on the eating side of things for March, while still continuing to exercise. I want to eat half of what I've *been* eating, and remember, more often, to PRAY when tempted to eat outside of true hunger. I need to pray, too, when tempted to eat more than I actually need. I've been too "greedy" for more than my body needs, so that's probably the reason I haven't lost any weight.

My goal? To lose 6 pounds in March. That's doable, I think. And, it will take me out of the range I'm in... a much-welcomed thought! ;o)

OVERALL, though, I'm still aiming to just be healthier. So, no more of this letting silly little "obstacles" get in my way... onward to health!

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Mama Bear June said...

It's hard not to focus only on the scale number. But you are obviously making healthy choices and seeing improvements. To your good health! :-)
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