Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LGC: Week 10

I am pathetic. This week has been really rough, and not "committed" at all. I've been eating when not hungry, making excuses for not exercising, and forgetting to drink my water.

It started with my giving in to an offered can of Coke on the weekend... and then it snowballed to the point where I was acting out of old habits instead of from my new ones.

It didn't help that I asked begged my husband to buy a box of Chewy "Dipps" granola bars -- chocolate-covered goodness in peanut butter or caramel flavors!!! While it's got granola in it, it's basically a "healthier" chocolate bar. ;o) So, yeah -- been piggin' out on those. And, my friend had us over to her place on the weekend, and I totally pigged out on the snacks offered, too (she makes THE best caramel corn in the world!)

Anyhoo. I've been kind of "kicking myself" today, which I know doesn't help. BUt, I'm frustrated. I do so well -- and get so motivated! -- for a week or so, and then I crash and end up back where I started. Why can't it just STICK?! Why can't I get this??? =(

Ah well. I'm making the small effort to get back on track -- I didn't feel like exercising yesterday, but I "did it anyway"! I didn't feel like cleaning my son's room today, but I "did it anyway"! Now, if I could just use that logic for eating -- I don't feel like avoiding the chocolate, but for my health I'll "do it anyway"! ;-P LOL.

On to another week! (Pray for me, as we're going to a friend's on the weekend, and there'll be tons of food & munchies!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

LGC: Week 9

I have to say what an amazing difference a good dose of motivation can make! This past week, I quickly read through my new book, "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle, and I got so entirely psyched up and rarin' to go! The book has 100 "days" of motivational tips, ranging from "Interested or Committed?" (examining whether you have the perseverance you need to stick to your plan) to "What is Emotional Eating?", to "The Eating Pause" (explaining how most people pause in their eating when they've reached their point of 'satisfaction'). This book just makes a lot of sense.

And, the cool thing is, it ISN'T a "diet" book, in the typical sense of the word. The author doesn't give you food plans to follow, or tell you to leave out certain food groups. She just motivates you to stick with your own plan, whatever it may be... plain & simple (if you're following hunger-fullness, or doing Weight Watchers, or SouthBeach... anything would work with this book!). And, that's part of why I love it. That, and she is constantly encouraging "hunger-fullness"-style methods (eating only when you're physiologically hungry, stopping when you're satisfied, seeing food as 'fuel', etc).

So, anyway. The good news in all of this is that I've stuck to my guns for the past few days -- even on the weekend (which is a complete miracle for me!) And, I plan to continue! I am now committed, rather than just 'interested'. ;)

I'm re-reading the book, now, day-by-day as it's intended... and I'm doing the journaling exercises daily, too (which are included at the end of each "day"). I'm gonna beat this thing! ;-)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Great Website!

I just have to recommend this website I found yesterday...

There are tons of motivational resources on there! There's a blog, there's a challenge, there are books you can buy (I own one), and tons of other stuff. If you find yourself stuck in a weight-loss rut, or find that you have trouble keeping on track after you start a program to lose weight, definitely check out this site! You'll be glad you did!

(And, the site is beautifully done! I love the bright colors!) :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LGC: Week 8

Another week gone. It's getting closer & closer to Christmas, and then the New Year. Sheesh. :-?

This week saw an increase in my activity level. I read, recently, that just with activity (no eating changes!), you can lose up to a pound a week. And, I set out to "prove" that by increasing my activity level. I sat down last Sunday and mapped out a "plan" for how I could move more each day, and I've done my best to stick to it -- or, some semblance of it, anyway.

Monday found me walking with my DVD. I'd intended to walk 3 miles, but I ended up only doing 2. Fine, though, as I still got in the "movement".

Tuesday I walked to town -- about a 10 minute walk there, and another 10 back.

Today I attempted to go for a bike ride -- was going to bike up to town. But, after getting only 1/2 a block away, I was so much in pain in my calves & thighs, that I just ended up going around the block, and then putting my bike back in the garage, and shaking my head, saying to myself, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!" LOL.
(Biking will have to be reserved for later, when I'm stronger!)

I intend to either use my DVD to walk tomorrow & Friday, or I'll do some major housecleaning ... that counts. ;o) Either way, I'm going to keep up my increased movement. Then, come Saturday, I'll weigh myself, and we'll see how things fared.

As for eating, I did okay for the end of last week, but then the weekend was another "WEAK-end", and Monday found me scrounging for food all day -- grazing, I do believe people call that. Yesterday I was battling myself -- I managed to get through the afternoon without grazing. I had a pudding cup, but that was all. The rest of the day I waited until I was hungry again. ;o)

Today was better, though. It always is when I'm not at home. I have no access to constant food, and therefore I don't eat my afternoons away.

Praying tomorrow and Friday, and ESPECIALLY the weekend!, will be good.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

LGC: Week 7

I'm posting early this week because you never know ... I'm always so behind in posting my updates! I'm trying to be "ahead of the game" this time! Last week I wrote my post on Monday, thinking I'd just write it early, and then I'd get it on Tales From the Scales on time... and --whammo! -- I got sick with the Flu, and wasn't able to put my name in the Mr. Linky until today. LOL. Go figure, eh?

So, here I am, trying to be "early" again, hoping that this Flu bug is mostly gone, and on its way to being completely gone! I'm sick of being sick!

Anyhoo. Small blessings in being sick: I wasn't able to eat for two days, which has given me a sort of "jump-start" (my stomach shrank a bit), and I also wasn't able to get into the Halloween chocolates (thank the Lord!). ;o)

So, this coming week, once I have my strength completely back, I'm going to get back into my walking workouts, and I'm going to make sure to keep taking very small portions at meal times. That will hopefully help me to keep going in the right direction. I also hope to drink my 40oz. of water, daily. I keep hearing how drinking lots of water really helps you with weight loss. So, we'll keep aiming to do that.

Still working on the discipline & self-control, too, of course. ;o)