Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LGC: Week 10

I am pathetic. This week has been really rough, and not "committed" at all. I've been eating when not hungry, making excuses for not exercising, and forgetting to drink my water.

It started with my giving in to an offered can of Coke on the weekend... and then it snowballed to the point where I was acting out of old habits instead of from my new ones.

It didn't help that I asked begged my husband to buy a box of Chewy "Dipps" granola bars -- chocolate-covered goodness in peanut butter or caramel flavors!!! While it's got granola in it, it's basically a "healthier" chocolate bar. ;o) So, yeah -- been piggin' out on those. And, my friend had us over to her place on the weekend, and I totally pigged out on the snacks offered, too (she makes THE best caramel corn in the world!)

Anyhoo. I've been kind of "kicking myself" today, which I know doesn't help. BUt, I'm frustrated. I do so well -- and get so motivated! -- for a week or so, and then I crash and end up back where I started. Why can't it just STICK?! Why can't I get this??? =(

Ah well. I'm making the small effort to get back on track -- I didn't feel like exercising yesterday, but I "did it anyway"! I didn't feel like cleaning my son's room today, but I "did it anyway"! Now, if I could just use that logic for eating -- I don't feel like avoiding the chocolate, but for my health I'll "do it anyway"! ;-P LOL.

On to another week! (Pray for me, as we're going to a friend's on the weekend, and there'll be tons of food & munchies!)


Jan B said...

I am sorry that it is so hard for you right now. I have those chocolate urges too. I buy the Fiber one bars and put one in my sweater pocket. I can have it any time I want it, but only one for the day. I cherish that bar and usually wait until after dinner. You have to treat yourself, but some of the treats are terrible tricks instead. Take the pop for instance, I hate pop. I was so addicted to pop. I know that I can't have even one drink of it.

When you are really addicted to these things, it's like being hooked on drugs, but you can't just stop cold turkey like you can with drugs, you have to keep eating.

Hang in there!! If you want a support buddy, email me, I am here.


ValleyGirl said...

You and I are so alike! I'll be able to go strong for a day or two, even a week or two sometimes, and then ONE LITTLE THING will throw everything off and I'm back to square one -- or heavier. It's incredibly frustrating. I'm constantly blaming myself and saying I obviously don't want this badly enough, but I know that's destructive thinking as well.

We DO want this! We just need to work at developing self-discipline. Simple enough, but incredibly difficult at the same time!

Julie in Texas said...

Jan was right on. I find that I am addicted to certain foods as well. I will do good, even great for a while. Then one bite will be enough to send me over the edge.

Praying for strength to overcome.

Donetta said...

The High Fructose Corn Sr yup can mess up your bio chemistry to make your brain chemicals that shut off the hunger hormoes will they trick it into staying on so you buy more eat more and crave it constantly.
Look out for things with it in it!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I am a chocoholic so I feel your pain. I like the Kashi Trail mix bars. They are really good, but as with anything you still have to be careful not to over do it.

Mama Bear June said...

Sending hugs. Hang in there!
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