Monday, October 29, 2007

LGC: Weeks 5 and 6

Well, I missed my check-in for last week, so this post will have to update ya'll on both weeks 5 & 6.

Week 5 went all right. I got in 2 days of 'formal' exercise (with DVDs), and I walked to town and back a couple of times (about a 1/2 mile). I had one really bad "pig-out" day, but the other days seemed to be all right.

Week 6 has seen a bit of improvement. I've gotten in some yoga, and a couple of 2-mile walks. I had pop and chocolate on the weekend -- when not hungry -- so that wasn't a "beneficial" choice, but oh well. Moving on. ;o)

I've decided to increase my exercise. Instead of only doing 3 days a week, I'm going to try for 4. And, I'm going to make sure to use my weights when I walk. I also want to start getting in some strength-training exercises, using my stability ball, mostly. And, I plan to continue getting in my yoga from time-to-time, too, to work on flexibility.

My main priority is to become more self-controlled & disciplined. More and more, I'm realizing how important these things are, not just in my exercise & eating habits, but in ALL areas of my life. I need some big changes, and they start with those two things.

Friday, October 19, 2007

LGC: Week 4

Slowly we're making progress. ;o)

I have exercised 2 out of 3 days this week, I've gotten in at least 1/2 of my water on most of the days, and I have been really diligent (for the most part) about ONLY eating when my stomach says it's 'empty'.


I had a bad day or two the past few days, comparatively, but I'm not letting that get me down. I'm "pressing on", because I know I can "get" this.

The key, this week, has been an article that an online friend shared in our support group. It's all about how overeating is basically "sin"... it's gluttony, which is a "sin of the flesh". For me, this was an eye-opener [Note: Don't miss Part 6 of the article! It's hard to find, if you don't know to look for it!].

I've heard the "Gluttony is sin" speech plenty of times. I even listened to an MP3 by Crystal Munson on Gluttony (which was really powerful, and I recommend it!). But, it didn't hit me quite like this article did.

I'm praying for "new eyes" to see this, and for a "heart change" about this sin. I want God to really make me KNOW this deep in my heart ... that choosing to obey my flesh, rather than heeding the Holy Spirit's guidance, is disobedience, and that's "sin". I need this to be firmly ingrained. I need to get to the point where I DETEST sin... not just go, "Oh, that's something bad...I shouldn't do that".

I also learned, in the same article, that I need to be more self-controlled and disciplined. I'm praying for that, too.

So, here's to a great "Week 5" (my, how time flies, eh?). Babysteps are small, but they're progress, nonetheless! ;-)

PS... A *BIG* thank you to all of those who were praying for me this past week! I so greatly appreciate your prayers & support! It really, truly helps! :o)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LGC: Week 3

Still not doing well. I'm still pigging out and eating when I'm not *truly* hungry. I even stoop so low as to melt down pb & chocolate-chipits, and eat it straight from the bowl! :-(

I need to change my mindset about things. I'm still in "diet mode", I think. And, that doesn't help. I've been feeling a lot of things lately:

deprived - because I said I was going to "fast" from certain "trigger" foods

stressed - because of the many *big* life changes taking place (new job/etc)

lonely - because God seems to be calling certain people out of my life

hungry - not so much in the physical sense as in the 'spiritual'
(and I keep 'feeding' the physical instead of realizing that's not it)

And so, we press on. I have to pray about all of the above. I can't "fix" this on my own.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

LGC: Week 2

The first part of this past week went terrible. I had a ton of stressful events going on, plus a party to attend, so I ended up eating more than I needed to, and overdoing it with sweets.

But, starting yesterday, I've begun to get back on track. I bought myself a cool water bottle so that I can keep it with me throughout the day -- I got in 40oz. of water, yesterday, and am half-way to that same point already today!

I also got back to exercising today! I walked for 15 minutes, which isn't much, but at least it's a start.

And, for lunch, I had a grilled-cheese sandwich with some raw carrots.

Healthy body, here I come!