Monday, October 29, 2007

LGC: Weeks 5 and 6

Well, I missed my check-in for last week, so this post will have to update ya'll on both weeks 5 & 6.

Week 5 went all right. I got in 2 days of 'formal' exercise (with DVDs), and I walked to town and back a couple of times (about a 1/2 mile). I had one really bad "pig-out" day, but the other days seemed to be all right.

Week 6 has seen a bit of improvement. I've gotten in some yoga, and a couple of 2-mile walks. I had pop and chocolate on the weekend -- when not hungry -- so that wasn't a "beneficial" choice, but oh well. Moving on. ;o)

I've decided to increase my exercise. Instead of only doing 3 days a week, I'm going to try for 4. And, I'm going to make sure to use my weights when I walk. I also want to start getting in some strength-training exercises, using my stability ball, mostly. And, I plan to continue getting in my yoga from time-to-time, too, to work on flexibility.

My main priority is to become more self-controlled & disciplined. More and more, I'm realizing how important these things are, not just in my exercise & eating habits, but in ALL areas of my life. I need some big changes, and they start with those two things.

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