Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Fast, or Not to Fast???

Last Saturday's WI showed I'd gone up 2 lbs, so I'm working harder this week to make sure I have those gone again.

But, it's not looking promising. I can't seem to stop snacking in the afternoons, and that drives me batty! Yes, sometimes I'm hungry, so I *need* to snack. But, most of the time, I KNOW I'm not hungry, yet I snack anyway.

I've sat down with a paper & pen to try to figure out *why* I do this -- why I eat in the afternoons, hungry or not. And, the only thing I can "see" is that I'm "bored".

I read a great piece of advice in my most recent (March 2008) issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine, the other day. It was an article by Geneen Roth, and it talked about overeating. She recommended that you sit down and ask yourself WHY you think you overeat. Then you need to find something to "substitute" for that emotion; find something to distract yourself. Well, for me -- since boredom seems to be the reason I snack/overeat mid-afternoon -- I could always be more diligent in my job search, as having a job would certainly erase my boredom! LOL. ;o)

I have considered, lately, "fasting" every afternoon. Since overeating is basically the "sin of gluttony", then it makes sense to "fast" when I'm in danger of eating for reasons OTHER than true hunger -- give those times to God, instead.... right? I have wanted to substitute an afternoon "tea time" instead of actual food, so this "fasting" would fit. I could allow myself only decaf. teas or water in the afternoons.

But, I wonder if this would backfire on me -- make me feel deprived, cause me to think of being under "restriction"? Hmmm...

Gotta try it to know for sure! And, if the "fasting" doesn't work, I'll have to go back to the drawing board and think of something else.

Anyone have any suggestions about how to avoid mid-day snacking? I've already tried distracting myself by doing crafts (scrapbooking), playing online (sometimes works), reading (never works), calling people (no one is ever home when I call!), etc. I can't go outside for a walk, yet, as it's still too cold. :-? I'm running out of ideas. :-?

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Mama Bear June said...

Well, what has worked for me lately is having 2 sweet kittens curl up on my lap to take a nap. I can't bear to move them to get up. LOL The other things I do are drinking ice water, eating healthy fat-burning snacks or chewing sugar-free gum.
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