Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Slippery days

The past week-and-a-half has been rough going. I've not gotten in the amounts of water, fruits, and veggies that I'm "supposed" to, per my plan, and my exercise has been lagging, too. Part of this is due to the weather, part due to my routines being messed up (long story), and part is just due to plain old laziness.

When you boil it down, it's no one's fault but my own. The previous paragraph (above) is full of blame -- the weather, circumstances. But, it's still MY CHOICE whether I let those things interfere with my weight-loss/health goals! I'm the one who's chosen to reach for things *other* than water, fruits & veggies. I'm the one who hasn't exercised on certain days 'cause I was "too tired". I'm the one who has let my moodiness dictate how I act. :-?

Things must change.

But, see, this is ALREADY change! If I can SEE that the blame can only fall on myself, and if I can SEE that I need to push past the excuses and Just Do It, then I've already come a LONG way from where I used to be! I used to blame everything and everyone but myself, and honestly believed that it was true -- it was all "their" fault! LOL

Now I know, though, that it's no one's fault but my own.

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means that, for Catholics (of which I am NOT one), the Lenten season begins. People are giving up things that mean a great deal to them for the next 40 days in order to give more importance to God. I have tried to take part in this season of sacrifice for the past several years, even though I'm not Catholic, because I just think it's a good idea. It's a worthwhile thing to do. Last year, I gave up pop for the 40 days, and did okay with that. There were a couple of instances where I'd "forgotten" until afterward. But, I had *honestly* forgotten, so it wasn't like I'd done it on purpose.

This year, I'm struggling to think of what I'd sacrifice. Pop? Chocolate? Caffeine, in general? There are lots of options! But, choosing one is difficult. And, my time is up: I have to decide TODAY, if I'm going to participate! BUT, I read, last year, that you're not supposed to tell anyone what you're sacrificing, 'cause it defeats the purpose. So, you'll just have to be left in the dark on that one. LOL

Oh... I suppose I should metion about my weigh-in last Saturday. I maintained. Better than a gain, yes, but not where I was hoping to be. Doesn't surprise me, though, given the way I've been going, lately.

Nevertheless, I'm still pushing on. I may be "blue" and flailing, but I'm treading along, and will get to my destination, eventually. Progress -- not perfection! ;o)

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Mama Bear June said...

You are awesome! Sounds like you have the right attitude. It's not just Catholics who give things up for Lent. Lutherans do it, too. :-)
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