Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Week Finished

I'm glad today is Saturday. My first full-week of exercise is completed, and I'm glad for the rest! ;o)

I feel good about how I did. I got in 4 days of exercise, and that's new for me! I wish it would've been 5, but I really needed to rest on Wednesday. My body was fatigued, and my legs were sore. They're just not used to this amount of activity, yet!

I am also happy with the amount of water I got in! I didn't get in the full 40oz. I was aiming for every day, but I came close most days. That's good enough -- it's PROGRESS!

My eating is still the issue. I feel like I ate within the hunger-fullness boundaries at each mealtime, but I'm probably fooling myself about dinners, as the scale didn't show any GOOD improvements today. :-? Mind you, that could have nothing to do with my mealtimes, and EVERYTHING to do with my outside-hunger snacking (on sweets, mostly!). That's where I always struggle.

I've been trying to get myself to reach for fruit -- a natural "sweet" -- in the afternoons, but I still want the chocolate. I feel somewhat "deprived" when I tell myself I can't have chocolate for my mid-afternoon snack. Trouble is, I'm never sure if I'm *truly* hungry at 3p.m., or if it's just habit. Hence why I'd like to stay away from eating sweets at that time, and choose fruit or veggies, instead.

When I lost the 25 lbs in 2005, I didn't snack in the afternoons at ALL! I had water to drink, then, and that was it. But, since then, I've come to wonder if maybe I *am* hungry -- at a "0" -- then. After all, I get the same urge for food EVERY day within the same time-frame (2-4 p.m.). I just have no clue. I've heard it said that you can "test" this by allowing yourself to have an Apple. If you don't want the apple, you're probably just eating from Emotions, not true hunger. Hmmm...

Anyway. I consider this past week a SUCCESS! I had more so-so days than on-track days, but that's still better than the "totally-OFF-track" days I had consistently before. And, if I keep pressing on, I'll get there, and see progress, eventually. ;o)

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Tiffany said...

keep up the exercise you are doing great! I still need to get into an exercise routine. I'd consider your week a success also-keep it up!