Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 2 of Restart

Well, I woke up today feeling majorly sluggish, and not wanting to do a thing. I thought (for only a minute), of giving up for just today... resting, and recouping. But, then I got my head back on straight, and said "Nuh-uh"...

I was again feeling lazy while checking emails, after taking the kids to the bus, and wanted to ignore exercise today. I figured I needed a day off... after all, it's been a while. Maybe I needed a day in between to rest. But, a wonderful accountability partner/friend sent me a link to a really motivating article, and voila! Renewed motivation to get going! I got off my butt, put on my workout clothes, and did a 2-mile walk! Yay for me! LOL (and, thank the Lord for good friends!)

I got in half of my water right after my walk. And, I ate between the hunger-fullness boundaries at both breakfast and lunch.

After lunch, though -- while reading my new book, "Chocolatherapy" -- things went downhill. I managed to avoid snacking at the mention of chocolate, and ice cream, and chips ... but, when she mentioned s'mores, I was long gone (a whoosh of material, as I ran to the kitchen). I had restrained myself, and had only one helping of "s'mores" (wasn't even REAL s'mores, as I didn't have the crackers, and had to substitute graham crumbs...how pathetic!)... but, later, when the kids got home, I made myself more of the fake-s'more concoction, and downed it quickly! :-(

Now I'm wondering if I'll be hungry for dinner. And, I'd had such great "plans" for tonight... eat very little at dinner in order to leave room for "dessert" when out at Bible study. Ugh.

So, now we'll have to reorganize our evening. Still will eat dinner, but may have to forgo the snacks at study. :-?

Tomorrow will be better.

PS... Yesterday ended up being a very good restart... Got in all my water (40oz.), did my 2-mile walk, ate 2 fruits, ate 2 veggies, stayed between hunger-fullness at meals, and had minimal caffeine. The "trouble" came when I snacked at night -- eating while watching TV, even though I wasn't hungry. Still a really good first day, though!


Jan B said...

Congratulations on getting started again. We all need to recommit every day. Or maybe it's just me that has to do that, LOL!

Mama Bear June said...

Maybe get some sugar-free gum or hard candies for tv watching? Or get some of those 100 calorie packs. ONLY ONE at a time, though! ;-)

For chocolate attacks, I have single bite Dove dark chocolate candies. I allow myself 2 a day, I bite it in half and suck on it, no chewing. Yumm.

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