Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Checking In... Progress!

Finally -- FINALLY! -- I'm seeing some progress! I was getting so tired of having to come on here, and write about how I hadn't done anything towards my healthy-living goals, and how I was failing myself in that respect.

But, with the new year, comes renewed motivation, and a sense of determination. I'm sick of being lazy & unmotivated, and I'm tired of standing in my own way!

Hence why I've taken up a few of the following new "habits":

  • journaling my food intake

  • checking off things in my "log" when I complete part of my "plan" each day

  • logging my food intake & exercise at Nutrihand.com

  • posting to my online support group for accountability

And, all of it has greatly helped! I'm also working at keeping a positive attitude. There've been a couple of instances where I was tempted to hold a pity-party for myself --as I did in the "old days"-- when I didn't do things *exactly* as I had wanted to. But, i stopped myself, and I said, "Nope! We're gonna think positive! Negative thinking only puts me back where I don't wanna be!" And, I moved forward.

It has truly helped to really forgive myself for not doing things 100% perfect, and to just let it go, and move on to the next meal, or next moment, or next day, even. I have to keep reminding myself that it will take TIME to build these new habits into my life, and that it will take practice & patience & perseverance. So, I am sticking with it. ;)

I've exercised almost every day, and I'm doing much better at getting in my daily water (aiming for 40oz./day), and my daily fruits & veggies (at least 2 each).

I'm still working on the mid-afternoon snacking, though. It still is tripping me up a bit. I find that I *do* get hungry mid-afternoon (not just bored, as I'd originally thought), and yet I choose the "unhealthy" snacks, most of the time -- chocolate, cookies, ice cream. This week, I'm working /focusing on those snack-times...trying to choose fruit, or yogurt, or just a cup of green tea, instead. :)

Overall, I'm feeling good about this year. I really feel like this is going to be "my year"! I'm gonna kick this thing for once & for all! ;o)


amanda bates said...

congratulations on working at it and realizing when you are hungry and when you are bored. There are plenty of great food finds for snacks- 100 calorie popcorn bags, 100 cal snack packs in amazing varieties, celery with low fat pimento cheese or peanut butter. there are a million things. just remember you're doing this for you and you didn't gain the weight over night so it will take time to lose it and gain those healthy eating habits- constantly try new things and find what is great for you!!

Mama Bear June said...

That's wonderful. Congrats on great progress and making wonderful healthy choices.
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