Thursday, December 13, 2007

LGC: Week 12

I just can't seem to be consistent. My exercise days are here and there, as are the days when I drink my water. I'm doing okay with my eating ... not stuffing myself, for the most part ... so that's good. When I'm not out and about, I do okay. It's the gatherings, where there are other people around, that I do really poorly with.

Even normal mealtimes are like that. I do excellent when I'm home alone. But, when the family is here, I find it more difficult to pay attention to my hunger signals.

Ah well. Still plugging.

I got a new workout DVD (Prevention's "Ultimate Walking Workout"), and it's pretty cool. I tried it out the other day. Will take a bit of practice to be more fluid with the movements (I'm never super-coordinated), but that's okay. It's a good cardio workout, so it's a nice compliment to the WAtP videos I already use. :o)

Speaking of which, I had intended to do a 3-4 mile walk today, but that didn't happen, as I ended up having company for a bit this afternoon. Ah well. There's still tomorrow. ;)

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Mama Bear June said...

It is hard to ea well with company around and when going out. The Prevention workout sounds like fun.
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