Thursday, September 27, 2007

LGC: week one

("Look Great in 2008" Challenge = LGC)

Week one of the Look Great in 2008 Challenge is over, and I'm worse off than when I started. Much as I'm not going to mention anything about my losses, I guess it's okay to say that I went UP in my weight -- by 4 stinking pounds! -- this past week. :-? But, I know it's because I pigged out on chocolate-caramel cakes. Hubby had a 'craving' for them, so we bought the bulk-box (baaaaad idea!), and I finished off most of them. :-(

Also, I haven't really put any effort at all into my weight loss journey this past little while. I've gotten tired of fighting this battle. I'm tired of this being constantly on my mind. I just want out of this crazy cycle.

But, as the title of this blog says, I'm "pressing on"!

I'm not giving up, but I'll be redoubling my efforts. First, I need to put on some "armor".

I have to say, too, that I've been going 'round in circles. I seem to be chasing after that elusive (read: non-existent) "magic cure" for my "problem"... I keep reading books about weight loss, health & nutrition (as evidenced by my last post -- all of the books I've read in the last several years) but I never apply what I read. I just read it, take notes, think "That's a GREAT idea!", and then forget about most of it a week after I set the book aside. :-(

I realized, the other day, that things aren't going to change for me if I don't start putting in some serious effort. As Oprah once said, "Any goal worth reaching always requires HARD WORK."

I have to make a committment to myself, to do what I need to do to get healthy, and to take care of the body God's entrusted to me.

Here's to a new month (soon) of pressing on, and taking steps toward getting healthier! ;)


Mamacita Tina said...

Don't look back, only look forward. What can you do this moment to make a healthier you?

Hang in there, here's hoping you have a better week. Big hug.

Mama Bear June said...

May your commitment find you making healthy changes in your life right away! :-)
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